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Our Values

Pleasure To be Shared - The experience of Taste

melon Soldive We are simply happy to share with the consumers, our clients and team mates the pleasure of good fruits "the melon of the connoisseurs" as our first logo on the packhouse wall still says.

This is what leads us to always grow yellow Charentais melon, although less flavoured but more cost efficent varieties of melons appeared.

Soldive, sustainable agriculture

Notre respect de l'environnement se traduit par une culture raisonnée.

Respect for nature is emphasized in the sustainable method of cultivation. Each piece of land is chosen according to the nature of the soil and its agricultural potential. The melon varieties are selected according to their natural genetic resistance which participates in the natural fight against diseases. This respect for nature is also revealed in the 5 year rhythm of crop rotation which means 5 years without melons in order to avoid exhausting the soil. Lastly, Soldive is sparing with phytosanitary products which have a very specific action and which, while fighting a disease or a particular bug are harmless to other beneficial elements of the environment such as bees or ladybirds.

All of our production sites are Globalgap certified

Soldive utilise, avec parcimonie, des produits phytosanitaires uniquement à spectre étroit qui, tout en luttant contre une affection ou un parasite particulier, ne nuisent pas à d'autres éléments de l'environnement tels les insectes utiles comme les abeilles ou les coccinelles.

On the social not to say human front, Soldive is a forerunner in sustainable development. In Morocco and Senegal, for exemple, as in all the French sites and in Spain, Soldive has set up “real” farms which are perfectly integrated in the countries where the group is located, using local workforce motivated by a real desire for human progress.

Melon Bio Soldive Last but not least since a few years we are increasing our acreage of Organic Charentais melons both in France and in Morrocco

The beautifull Soldive Sénégal project

Soldive Sénégal When Soldive set up in Morocco in 1992 and then in Senegal, near to the village of Mbeur-Beuf in 2006, Soldive found idyllic spots both as far as the weather is concerned as well as the quality of the land and the welcome offered by the local populations. Soldive’s farms are perfectly integrated in the host countries by using local workforce and by having a fair approach to human progress. Soldive contributes to the improvement of the local populations’ standard of living. With the help of the local communities Soldive is able to achieve projects of sustainable development whose priorities range from access to drinking water, selfsufficiency in food and agricultural development. The setting up of Soldive at Mbeur Beuf has entailed the digging of a 5 km channel to bring drinking water as well as electricity to the village and the farm.

melon Soldive Soldive has initiated a land renting system with the farmers which aims not only to provide them with a monthly rent but also to give them back their land that has been improved by a new regrouping of plots, by loosening the clay rich soil initially devoted to rice growing. The farmers get back their land in a far more fertile condition than it was and can expect a 50 % increase in its productivity.

construction école Mbeur-Beuf• Women have in particular have progressed socially : as early as 2006, the women of the village started working on the Soldive farm in exchange for benifiting of 20 hectares of farmland on top of their wages. Then a GIE was created, it is composed of women only who are the sole interlocutors of Soldive. To compensate the workforce recruitment service (females and males), the GIE gets a percentage of the wages and the charges which helps them finance improvements in the life of the village, such as the reconstruction of the school (see photo). Since 2011, 60 % of the full time employees have access to a bank loan. Thanks to Soldive which helped them with their administrative procedures, 20 of them contracted a bank loan in 2011.

in 2014 we took our responsability in Senegal a step further and built our own state of the art packhouse, enusring the sustainability of our partnership with the region and community that welcomed us!