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Charentais melons in Spain

Spain is a great origin for melons, but we must admit that our French Charentais melon varieties are a lot better in terms of flavor than most Spanish melons :)!. Therefore since 1987 we grow ourself our good old Charentais on the Spanish Mediteranean coast in order to please our consumers before the season starts in France.

melon chanrentais coupé

and other flavours too

The climate of Alicante lends itself to a wealth produce cultivation, quite naturaly our know how has been growing out there!

champ Soldive AlicanteWe have been growing melons in Alicante since 1987, between May and june every year. This enables us to supply our good old Charentais melon before the season starts in France without modifying a basic cornerstone principle of Charentais melon: the best melons taste best when grown open fields.

We also grow Salads, baby leaves and aromatic herb in Alicante:

  • Mainly Butterhead, Oak Leaves, Batavias, multileaves then Iceberg and endives.
  • But also baby leaves specialties : teen Spinach and Rucola.
  • In the aromatic herbs category we start cropping flat and curled parsley in November and go on chervil, coriuander, dill, basil and mint.Herbes Aromatiques Soldive

In order to have the most adapted logistic organisation to ensure great quality and service of such demanding products, we created our own transport company called "Rellana".

What makes Soldive Charentais Melon so special:

  • Harvested every day by teams trained to spot the fully sun rippened melons.
  • Cultivated in open field in the best terroirs, right at the best suitable time for each terroirs.
  • Grown, harvested, packed and commercialised 100% by the Soldive teams

without any concession on these principles on any of our farms since 1963!

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