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Charentais melons from the shores of the Senegal River

A great sun rippened melon right on time for the Christmas dinners

To propose a real "good old open field Charentais Melon" instead of a greenhouse fruit, we have exported our know how to north Senegal and learned from the region and community that welcomed us.

The fruits of this exciting work have prooved to be connoisseur's favourites.

These "Christmas melons" started out in 2006 as a curiosity on the markets. We at Soldive in France and in Mbeur Beuf in Senegal are now very proud that the Soldive Senegal melons are increasingly successfull on a growing number of markets(some of them in very remote areas!).

Why Senegal? A natural choice:

melon soldive

The Senegal river valley is a great agricultural environment.

melon soldive

The balanced climate of this area lends itself very well to open field melon cultivation no greenhouse cultivation, traditionnal yellow Charentais varieties, sun rippened fruits.

melon soldive

A strong and motivationg partnership with the Mbeur Beuf village.