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Soldive Morocco

Morocco is a garden, Marrakech is an area traditionnally renowned for growing melons

That's why Soldive installed its Charentais melon production there.

The planting of our melon takes place fromdecember to january, and harvesting stretches from April to end of May. We are investing ourselves in growing organica Charentais melons too (usualy avlable from mid April to mid may)

Soldive has also diversified to a small scale its productions in order to supply all sorts of local fruits and vegetables for our local partner store: Le Marché Des Saveurs". Marché des Saveurs Marrakech

The diversity of terroirs and cliamtes in Morocco also lead us to experiment: since 2006 we are renovating cherry, apples and pears orchards in Asni in the Atlas in order to supply the local market.

What makes Soldive Charentais Melon so special:

  • Harvested every day by teams trained to spot the fully sun rippened melons.
  • Cultivated in open field in the best terroirs, right at the best suitable time for each terroirs.
  • Grown, harvested, packed and commercialised 100% by the Soldive teams

without any concession on these principles on any of our farms since 1963!

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