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Charentais Melon

A typical French "Savoir Faire"

the Charentais melon, is THE French melon, almost the only one that the French enjoy, know and grow. Why is it so French, so Charentais and so good?

At the end of the 15th Century King Charles VIII brought it back from its war campaigns in Italy, where it was grown and consumed since the great Roman era. During the Renaissance period it was planted in the Loire Valley, very near to the current Soldive growing area! At this stage it's called Cantaloup melon after the name of the Vatican Cantalupi gardens. The variety had been introduced there from Armenia to please the sophisticated tastes of the popes.

melon charentais Later on this cantaloup melon was implanted in Charente, where it progressed by natural mutation and selection to become the connoisseur fruit renowned as the Charentais all over the world (even in Italy).

melon soldiveThe Charentais melon still has the same appearance as the Cantaloup (still largely cultivated in Southern Europe and latin Amercia) but is widely recognised as superior in flavor and taste even outside of France.

This tradition of strongly flavored, sweet and "fragant" melon grown in openfields that still guides us. That's why we proudly carry on producing only yellow Charentais with a very sudden and accentuated maturity requiring a lot of expertise and labor, rather than varieties with more productivity but less flavour

What makes Soldive Charentais melon so special:

  • Harvested every day by teams trained to spot the fully sun rippened melons.
  • Cultivated in full soil in the best terroirs, right at the best suitable time for each terroirs.
  • Grown, harvested, packed and commercialised 100% by the Soldive teams

without any concession on these principles on any of our farms since 1963!

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