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melon SoldiveOur melons, apples, fruits and vegs in our Farm Shops vente directe Soldive

Melons / Seasonal vegs / Apples / treats from other local producers

The Produces from our nature friendly farms, some organics (melons, apples, cherries and more depending on the season) are available right on their production sites.

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Our distribution partners network

melon soldive In France and Western Europe

Soldive melons are available for almost all retailers in France from June to October.
We appreciate and encourage the efforts of this great network of partners and can support their work with advices, labels and posters, promotional campaigns...etc

Soldive for exportThroughout the world

A growing number of partners distribute and promote our Soldive Charentais melons outside of France. We will be happy to include you to this network, wether you are a retailer, importer, journalist, blogger or simply a gourmet.


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